Assignment 3

Unit 3: Animation

Assignment: Animate your logo.

Technical: To gain a basic understanding of animation principles, terminology, and techniques by creating a looping GIF.
Conceptual: To create a simple interactive word mark to introduce your digital projects and identity.

Overview: Your challenge is to create an interactive logo using stop motion animation. Use Photoshop, AfterEffects, or Premier to animate your logo or word mark. The final produce should act as an introduction to your work or as a final credit to your work.  Think about how this GIF represents you as an artist. Add subtle, elegant movements. Avoid over animating. Represent yourself and your work professionally. The animation will be posted on your personal web page, saved as a GIF .


stop motion, frame-by-frame, pixilation, fps/framerate, persistence of vision, timeline, tempo, pace, mood, anticipation, squashing, stretching, tweening, storyboarding, conceptualization

Materials:  Vector graphics, animation software,

1. Students research animated logos and animation softwares
2. Think timeline, and how the logo may be viewed
3. Open software
4. Sequence vector graphics and adjust time viewed
5. Critique
6. Export

Due Date:
Wednesday Night at 11:59pm