Project 2

Unit 2: Raster

Project: Protest and Persuasion

Technical: To understand and utilize the differences between vector-based and raster-based tools; using Text in Photoshop.
Conceptual: To create visual images and symbols that could be used to protest or persuade viewers.

Overview:Use a word or phrase and infuse it with additional meaning by altering the placement and relationships of the letters to the image field. Incorporate photographic material that is manipulated to portray a purposeful role.

References: Barbara Kruger, Gregory Sale, wartime propaganda posters (Nazis, Commies, and Americans!)

•    artCore Composition discussion
•    shepard fairey
Text: provided via PDF and in our Ebook

Vocabulary: scale, size, proportion, context, contrast, serif, san serif, font, typeface, vector, raster, layers, hierarchy, spatial composition, asymmetrical balance, relationship of forms to negative space

Materials: A specific phrase, camera, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, or Corel.

1. Think about a controversial or important topic that interests you. Find a word or 3-5 word phrase that you feel brings up an important point or consideration regarding that topic.
2. Produce imagery that is cohesive and complements your text choice.
3. Break the material up in Photoshop and Illustrator in a 11”/17” image, 300 DPI. Arrange the graphics and words into a composition that communicates a stance on the idea, clarifies its meaning, or depicts a situation.
4. You may add components (patterns, specific imagery, etc.) However, these should be details of the final image, and not predominate over the text. The text and image should be balanced and cohesive.

5) Turn in your .psd file to Blackboard and upload a 72 DPI ready for web image to your personal student site by February 9th at 11:59pm


Grading: (25 pts)
TECHNICAL: 5pts) Did you compose text and graphics into a believable Infographic?
AESTHETIC: (10pts)Are your final pieces compositionally balanced? Did you make good use of color? Does your piece lead the viewer’s eyes? Is it readable?
CONCEPTUAL: (5pts) Does your final piece address the theme in a clear way? Is the “whole more than the sum of its parts”? Does your final image address the themes proposed for this assignment?
RESPONSIBILITY:  (5pts) Were you prepared for each class? Did you bring the rough sketches/ideas on the due date? Did you upload your image to the class site on time? Did you work during work hours?

Due Dates:
Ruff Sketches: February 3rd
Photographic material: February 3rd
In class critique: February 8th

Final Project posted on Website and final PDF on Blackboard: February 9th at 11:59pm.  Final PDF should include final image, process images and critical reflection, just like project 1.