Exercise 2

Exercise: FTP Class headshot.

To learn the basics of digital image editing as well as gain an understanding of web
servers and FTP software.

You challenge will be to make basic adjustments (Contrast, Brightness, Crop, Size) to
your headshot photograph using Adobe Photoshop, and to upload that photograph to
the class website.

Digital Camera (provided), Computer Lab

1. As a class, line up for an assembly-line style photo shoot. Everybody will take a
photograph of the person in front of them, and then pass the camera (very carefully) to
the person behind you so that they make take a photograph of you.
2. When all have had their photo taken, we will upload the photos to the class folder so
that everyone can access them from their machine.
3. Using the OS Finder, locate your headshot, and open it up in
Adobe Photoshop.
4. Try to improve upon the untouched photo by making minor adjustments under the
IMAGE >> ADJUSTMENTS menu. Suggestions are to adjust BRIGHTNESS /
5. When finished with your adjustments, crop and size your photo to 120 x 120 pixels
at 72 dpi. Save out your photo by going to FILE >> SAVE AS and saving it in jpeg
format at a quality setting of 8. Name your file using the format
(Firstname_Lastname.jpg). So, if your name is John Smith, name your file
“John_Smith.jpg” (note the use of an underscore, not a space).
6. Create a new page on the WordPress site by clicking the “New Page” icon within the dashboard. Name it “Your Name” and parent it to the “Students” page. This page is for finished assignments only, not for file storage! All images uploaded to your page should be saved at 72dpi.
7. Upload your headshot file to your own page on the class website server.
8. You might have noticed, you have access to each other’s page. This is a
community website that belongs to the entire class. Please be respectful, and do
not modify or delete other people’s work. It would be a shame to have to abandon
this website and resort to turning files in the old fashion way.