Project 1

Intro to Digital Media
Andrew Noble

Unit 1: Vector

Project 1: Infographic Illustration: The Power of Daily Routines

Technical: To gain a basic understanding of vector based software and the technology, terminology, and techniques associated with it. To become familiar with the power and clarity of graphics as alternatives for words.
Conceptual: To create an informative, thoughtful representation of your routine or lifestyle.

Your challenge is to use Adobe Illustrator to make an infographic that represents a part of your lifestyle. The Infographic should be based on a critical reflection of yourself. It can be an entire day, a week routine or a more concentrated area like meals, clothing, books, etc.

What is an Infographic? A visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly


Text: Daily Routines; written by Mason Currey

Scale, proportion, context, serif, font, typeface, vector, composition, balance, Hierarchy, contrast, icon


Reflect on your daily rituals. Look at one particular area like food or exercise, or look at entire week or month! Make a decision on what your Infographic will represent.
Sketch out ideas. Think about icons that can portray your ideas. How can you say a lot by displaying only what is necessary.
Digitize your drawings and begin to vectorize them in Adobe Illustrator or a vector software program of your choice.
Think about the composition. Consider the scale and detail of your icons. What is necessary? Think about color. How can you include color to make your infographic cohesive?
What text is appropriate to include? What type of style font will represent your intent clearly?

Original document size should be 8.5”/11” or larger, but cannot exceed 11”/17”.
Color Mode should be RGB

Grading: (25 pts)
TECHNICAL: 5pts) Did you compose text and graphics into a believable Infographic?
AESTHETIC: (10pts)Are your final pieces compositionally balanced? Did you make good use of color? Does your piece lead the viewer’s eyes? Is it readable?
CONCEPTUAL: (5pts) Does your final piece address the theme in a clear way? Is the “whole more than the sum of its parts”? Does your final image address the themes proposed for this assignment?
RESPONSIBILITY:  (5pts) Were you prepared for each class? Did you bring the rough sketches/ideas on the due date? Did you upload your image to the class site on time? Did you work during work hours?

Due Dates:
Ruff Sketch: Posted on your Unit 1 page by January 18th 11:59pm
Finished Project: Posted on Blackboard January 25th 11:59pm