Exercise 1

Intro to Digital Media
Andrew Noble

Unit 1: Vector

Exercise 1: Vectorizing a doodle

To collaborate with entire class on a draw-and-pass exercise. To learn the basics of digital scanning.

Your challenge will be to collaborate with your entire class in a short and quick doodle session. Add to peoples drawings appropriately. Think small, but creatively. Keep in mind the composition and overall aesthetic of the notecard when you receive it.

Notecard (provided)
Scanner (provided)

– Start with a notecard, write your lame on top left corner and doodle for 1 minute. You can doodle anything.
– After the first minute, pass your notecard to your neighbor to the left. Another 1 minute doodle will happen followed by the passing of the card to the left. Continue until you have your original notecard. (Should be about 20  minutes of doodling)
– Use one of the lab scanners to digitize your notecard
– Take the JPEG file and bring it onto your computer desktop
– Open up the JPEG in Photoshop
– Format the notecard to fit 3”x5”
– Save as follows: Firstname_lastname_doodle.JPEG
– Email JPEG to Instructor as an attachment: aenoble@asu.edu