Assignment 1

Intro to Digital Media: Monday & Wednesday: 10:30-1:15
Andrew Noble

Unit 1: Vector

Assignment 1: Logo Assignment. Due January 18th at 11:59pm

Technical: To gain a basic understanding of vector based software and the technology, terminology, and techniques associated with it.
Conceptual: To create a logo or word mark that represents yourself as an artist.

You are going to create your own artist logo. This will be great for the final unit, which is web.
Learning to play with text will help push yourself to think how to creatively use text in your art, also if you pursue any graphic design endeavors.

Think about colors, which fonts convey your personality. Maybe you are going to incorporate small shapes.

For the assignment I ask of you to create three finished (yet different) logos. You only need to use one for your webpage on your final assignment. Sketches (on paper) might be useful to plan out your final logo outcomes.
 Look at various logos from the Internet, other artists, and the commercial world around you.

Are you showing your playful side, a serious tone, or neutrality?
How are you “branding” yourself, as your own name, or as a Photographer, or a production company?
If using color, does is it readable or shareable on many formats like business cards or letterheads?

All exercises are worth 5 points if completed in the time frame, if late you will get a total of 3 points. Not finished 0 points. Exercises are based on the attempt to learn the new software.