1/11: Doodle Exercise! Critique on First Day Doodles. Intro to Course. Review the Doodles and Introduce Classmates. Introduction to Daily Routines. Assignment 1 Given. Project 1 Preview.

1/13: Doodle. Lets watch a video: .  Explain process and the five P’s.  Overview of available supplies. Vector Intro. In-class review of Adobe Illustrator interface. Review of WordPress and how to add pages.  Infographic examples.  Questions. Work time.

Homework: Logo Due January 18th at 11:59pm on Blackboard. Project 1 Ruff sketches due January 18th at 11:59pm on Blackboard. Look at Blackboard post for specifics on assignment requirements.
Read Chapter 1 for Wednesday January 20th.  Watch these tutorials by Wednesday January 20th:
1) Intro to Illustrator. This is a series, so watch as many as you can:
2) In vector art and design there are two kinds of aesthetics that people talk about often. Flat design vs. realistic design.
3) Drawing and coloring in Illustrator:

1/20: Vector Continued. Introduction to WordPress class page. Chapter 1 group discussion. Review of Illustrator Pen tool. Review of Illustrator. P1 WIP peer discussion on infographics. Questions. Work time.
Reminder: Project 1 is due Monday before class. Illustrator quiz is on Monday during class.

links to look at:–vector-5828

1/27: Raster Intro. Doodle. In-class exercise: How to use a digital camera. WordPress pages. Assignment Given (photo manipulation: man vs. nature) and is due on February 3rd. Adobe Photoshop In-class demo on masking. Protest and Persuasion Project preview.
Read PDF
Read Chapter 5
Assignment 2 sketches and photos are due Monday

2/1: Raster University 21st Day. Doodle of Photo Manipulations. Upload post for Unit 1, Project 1 to your site if not yet complete (help your neighbor). Discussion on Chapter 5 and Layers. (exercise: P2 class Brainstorm session on whiteboard)  Discussion on A2 progress. Photoshop questions/problems. How AI and PS work together.  Work time. P2 ideas and sketches due Wednesday. Chapter 3 and 4 readings should be complete by Monday

2/3: Raster Protest and Persuasion Project workday

2/8: Raster Test & Critique on Project 2:

2/10: Raster Project due

2/15: Animation

2/17: Animation

2/22: Animation

2/24: Animation

2/29: Animation

3/2: Animation Critique

3/7: Spring Break

3/9:Spring Break

3/14: Animation Work day.

3/16: Animation Work day. Animation is due on Friday

3/21:   Unit 4 Intro: Sound: Upload p3 to class site
Print Wikipedia, Creative Exercise, figure out calendar, Talk about gathering work and documentation to form a PDF of this semesters work so far.

What to expect for the remainder of the semester:
By Wednesday: Read Chapter 6 Audio: Music and Sound Effects
By Friday: Sound Journal Assignment. Post your reflection and the sound clip to blackboard.
By Monday: 15-45 second snippet of foley noise for Project 4

3/23: Chapter 6 review.  Elevator Pitches. Form Unit 5 groups.

3/28: Unit 4 Foley sound due.  Overview of Video Art. Pick an Artist to research.

3/30: Listen to Unit 4 Foley sound. 5 Minute presentation on Video Artist.  Review of in-progress story boards.

4/3: Last Day to Withdraw from class

4/4: Raw Footage is due. Premiere Demo.