Haydn’s Bi-Weekly (unit 4)

For the article here is a Juxtapoz article announcing Erik Jones’s debut solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Jones is one of my favorite artists, he uses fun colors, paints with immense attention, and most importantly merges realism with abstract elements. In this recent body of work he incorporates the use of kitsch stickers and explores more pop elements. As much as I enjoy his work, it’s hard to let go of the fact that majority of his subjects are nude females, very little of his pieces are of males and it seems the sexual parts of the female bodies always find a way to poke through the abstract. This wouldn’t be problem if male artists haven’t been doing this exact thing for hundreds of years.


For the artist I am showing, John Karel a 3d animation artist! He creates .gif’s that are fun, pastel, and simple. Common subject matter is skeletons, plants, and everyday consumables like canned soda.

(photo is link to his tumblr)




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