Taylor/Bi-Weekly #3

I want to shine the spotlight onto the animators on YouTube. There’s a lot, too much to name individually sadly. However, each of them has their own style to animating, using 3-D, 2-D, etc. Here’s some of the animaions/animators that I like:

  • There’s a fighting game called Skullgirls, where instead of using pixels and 3-D models, the team draws and animates the everything using 2-D animation: here.
  • It’s explained at the beginning, but basically, a bunch of animators got together to make this video; It’s cool to see all these styles: here.
  • Arin Hanson, aka Egoraptor, animated a music video for his band, Starbomb: here.
  • This guy MysteryBen, with some help, animated to the song “Ghost” by Mystery Skulls. I like watching how in-sync the characters are with the beat: here.

Really though, I could post every video I like, but then the list would be too long.

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