Yongjin Liu’s Bi-Weekly Artist.

Here is my Bi-Weekly Artist, His name is Kaws. His real name is  Brian Donnelly. He likes to make many models and art works with his own idea, he always use the same design mind to create a new art work. But in the end, you will find ” That’s perfect !” Many popular  trendsetters like to collect his art work. I think his work can show a kind of his mind of this society and also his love. He likes to make some little changes on some existed cartoon characters. Sometimes, these changes make people feeling funny.

kaws_promo1_0     kaws_remix___killer_spongebob_by_bradjolly      Hot-Selling-38cm-OriginaFake-font-b-Kaws-b-font-Companion-font-b-Astro-b-font-Boy

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