Brooke’s Icon

I created the Virgo icon because that’s my zodiac sign and I feel like I relate to being a lot.

Sky Hugo’s icon unit 1

The icon I created was supposed to resemble a confused skull face as I couldn’t think of anything to draw, so I looked down and happened to have a bracelet on with a skull on it. The reason it lacks teeth is that I ran out of time before finishing, so I erased the few…

Zach’s Icon

This is the icon I created for the exercise on Wednesday.  Volleyball has become a big part of my life and one of the hobbies I am most passionate about. The sport continues to teach me skills I can use outside of it, such as teamwork and communication, and I hope to take it to…

Elena Pelkey-Landes Icon

I made a music note with a camera as the base because photography and music/singing are my passions.

Josselin Salazar’s Icon

I chose the scale as my icon because I consider myself to be a balanced person that is willing to learn a little bit of everything and use it to make decisions in the most informed way.

Yongjin Liu’s Icon

Here is my Icon, I like music and also I like to listen to music while I am making art, music can encourage my to make something good which I think. Music is already be a part of my life. So in this time, I choose a speaker and sonic to be my icon.

Taylor M.’s Vector Icon

  I call this “I’m Dead Inside, but I’m Still A-OK!” ft. Napstablook from the game Undertale.